Philip Regan



The Rosbeck team does a very nice job of maintaining an orderly process when building their homes. The result is not only quality construction, but a tidy job site, which is a big deal.


Sandy Vietor

“My wife and I first met Peter Rosbeck in 2009 when we started interviewing builders for a new home we were constructing in Edgartown. During this process we interviewed both local and off island firms. We soon realized no one matched up to the quality of work, responsiveness and the overall professionalism of Peter and his exceptionally talented team.

Two years later at the finish of an on budget and on time project, all we could say was ‘thank goodness’ we had chosen Peter. One of the Rosbeck firm’s key attributes is attracting skillful and professional subcontractors, and working with all parties be it architects, landscape architects, interior decorators, etc involved in a large project as a team. Only by working together do these types of projects get done in a highly efficient manner which reduces the stress levels of all involved. And it shows, the quality and overall finish of the house is perfect. Peter makes this look easy.

Not only did the project go extremely well, the finalization of an incredibly small punch list got done within the first month. Also, one of Peter’s team members worked with us to help hang curtains, pictures and address any odds and ends involved in our move in to the new house. They now care take the house for us in the same professional matter like everything they do.

The only trouble is, we had such a great experience with Peter and his team, my wife wants to build another house with them!”

Peter Rose

“We worked with Rosbeck Builders on a project on Chappaquiddick that finished last year. It was a complex of four buildings – main house, garage, utility building and boat shed. The short story is that we think Rosbeck Builders are as good as it gets. In the end, a very demanding project was built beautifully, was within 1% of the budget and on the target schedule. They have good estimators, good site people and terrific subs. Peter Rosbeck is the force behind things. He can be a bit of a tough guy, but he takes responsibility for everything and makes things happen. We like him and his group a lot.”

Jonathan and Jennifer B

“When we decided to build our retirement home on Martha’s Vineyard, we knew the importance of selecting an outstanding builder who would work with our architect and build a beautiful quality home our family would enjoy for generations.  Our intent was to build a gambrel style summer cottage reminiscent of those built just after the turn of the century, and added onto over the years.  We knew we wanted something simple and open, yet significant enough to accommodate our family and friends year-round.

After interviewing several builders, we selected Rosbeck Builders because they are renowned for superb quality and attention to detail.   We were extremely impressed by Peter Rosbeck and others he introduced us to on his team and we knew we’d enjoy working with them.  The Rosbeck team spent time understanding our ideas and desires, and took great care to find solutions to every issue that arose during construction.  While we remained off-island for most of the construction, we received photos online each week showcasing the progress.  We were able to immediately address any issue by phone and found the Rosbeck team to be extremely attentive and always accessible.  Every question was answered and every detail was attended to.

Since we’ve never built a new home before, we very much appreciated their can-do attitude during every step of the process.  Their cost-plus structure worked very well since we always were comfortable with their costs and were able to pay all invoices after reviewing them online.  The cost of the finished project did not exceed our expectations.

The Rosbeck team is highly professional and a true delight to work with.  They take great pride in the extremely high quality of their work and that of their subs.  They sourced materials that are both functional and beautiful.  We are thrilled with our beautiful home and are extremely pleased we selected Rosbeck Builders.  We would very highly recommend them to anyone interested in working with a delightful team of individuals who produce high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and a superb outcome.

In our view, Rosbeck Builders is simply the very best building company on Martha’s Vineyard.”


Sally R

“It is with great pleasure and greater than 100% satisfaction that I endorse Rosbeck Builders. In the fall of 2005, we met Peter Rosbeck and entered into an agreement to renovate our home in Edgartown. At that time, the only caveat was that the work be completed prior to our return to the Vineyard in the spring of 2006. As the project unfolded, it became apparent that the scope was far more extensive than originally anticipated or planned. This was not a deterrent to Rosbeck Builders, nor did it delay the completion date despite all of the additional and necessary work.

Throughout the renovation we were away from the Vineyard, but kept in constant touch through e-mails, photographs and conference calls. There was never a moment during the process that I had the slightest reservation about not being on site. Rosbeck handled every aspect of the renovation (planned and unplanned) with thorough attention to detail and extraordinary professionalism. Their crew is comprised of exceptionally talented and knowledgeable craftsmen.

Without hesitation, I can say that they worked on and cared for our home as though it was their own. They were remarkably dedicated to an excellent finished product and delivered masterfully. In addition, all of the sub contractors who worked with Rosbeck were equally committed to providing the best service and product possible. Their respect and admiration for Peter’s work ethic was readily apparent. Peter was, and continues to be, a delight to work with – and cares deeply about any project he undertakes. He is definitely “hands on” and does not hesitate to go the extra mile. He has an excellent “eye” for detail, commands the highest performance from all of his employees, and has earned the fine reputation that Rosbeck Builders deserves.

I am happy to say that he far exceeded our expectations and we are the beneficiaries of a beautifully executed project.  We continue to enjoy a very professional and more than satisfactory relationship with Rosbeck as their office staff and service department readily responds to any needs or concerns.  We thoroughly appreciate the excellence in craftsmanship, attention to detail and professionalism that Rosbeck Builders represents, and the Island is enriched by their presence.”

Bill K

“Shortly after construction began, I became quite ill. I had spent my life as a practicing physician and, more recently, as a senior corporate executive. I am used to controlling everything and holding those who work for me to a rigid standard of excellence. I almost put the construction on hold; but my wife assured me that she, you and your company were a team that I could rely on.

I am pleased and grateful for the way things turned out. Early and under budget to be sure, but the personal care and interest you showed were remarkable. The workmen, to a man, were skilled and considerate. They really seemed to enjoy working for you on this project.”